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There is an online condolences chapter on the Mauritius Australia Web Site Message Board.

Cultural Historical Association of Rodriguans & Mauritians

In Remembrance of Richard Hammerton

The CHARM Committee acknowledges Richard Hammerton’s contribution and support for the Immigration museum project and La Faya Festival, we also acknowledge his 12 years of involvement, dedication and hard work for promoting and advancing our community in Victoria.

Some of his achievements and positive contributions:

  • Early in 2002, Mr. Richard Hammerton, approached the Chisholm Institute seeking the collaboration of students from a Mauritian background to carry out the initial research about the migration of Mauritians and Rodriguans to Australia. Sabrina responded to his request and took on this initiative as part of her “Field Education Placement Community Development Project.” Together they initiated the project and down the track CHARM was formed to tackle the task of bring the community together for the La Faya Festival project and the Immigration Museum project.
  • Richard also initiated and successfully brought together the City of Port Louis and the City of Melbourne when the city to city agreement was signed in September 2004.

We ought to be very grateful for all this as today our community’s profile has been lifted and the flames have been rekindled. From here on it is up to us all to make the most of what has been successfully initiated. His legacy will live on.

Richard will be sadly missed by many.

Our sincere condolences to his wife Maggie who has also been very involved and supportive of the community. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

La Faya 2004


Some eighteen months ago at a major community function a simple suggestion was made to establish a higher profile of the Mauritian/Rodriguan community in Victoria. The objective was to demonstrate to the wider multicultural society of Victoria that Mauritius and Rodrigues had a unique blend of history and culture, that by the gentle nature of its people had largely remained quiet and discreet. The community agreed with the idea and so began an enormous operation to bring all the aspects of the community together to surprise and delight the broader Victorian society.

Settlement in Australia officially began in the 1960’s, however connections between Mauritius, Rodrigues and Australia were forged over many centuries.

What secrets lay in these islands had in terms of history, culture and languages were simply too rich to be left to deteriorate through time. So the main theme of the festival is three fold:

·         To ensure that the unique attributes would be maintained and passed on to the youth of the community

·         To demonstrate that Mauritius and Rodrigues is truly a rainbow collection of cultures, colours, religions and secret delights.

·         To establish its place in the multicultural society of Victoria.

Out of that simple idea C.H.A.R.M ( Vic) was born. The committee and an army of volunteers embraced the concept which for the past 18 months has tested the patience and resolve of the community to the point where now at last the community has matured and can enjoy its rightful place in multicultural Victoria and ultimately Australia.

It is with humility and great pride that the consulate has been associated with the “La Faya” Festival. I truly believe that visitors will be both surprised and delighted in getting to know the tiny beautiful islands of Rodrigues and Mauritius.


Richard Hammerton,

Consul for Mauritius.

La Faya 2005


We’re here to celebrate the anniversary of La Faya. I’m sure you all remember that last year thousands turned up to watch, listen to and experience something of Mauritius and Rodrigues. I think we’d all agree that the success and popularity of last year’s La Faya was almost beyond belief. We should all be very proud.

This year we also welcome the participation of the Seychelles in the festival. Knowing of the important role played by Mauritius in the Indian Ocean Rim nation states perhaps in future years we can expect participation from others of these states.

One of the primary aims of La Faya is, with the assistance of CHARM, to unite Mauritian clubs and associations and encourage participation in the festival. In that we have succeeded beyond our dreams! Thank you to everyone who has helped and continues to help.

Now we move on to the next era in stressing the significance to La Faya for the community and for the wider Melbourne community. We must make our voices heard.

I’m almost at the end of my message and to achieve that aim of being heard in the community I’d like to emphasise the need for co-operation, co-ordination, teamwork, friendship. Above all I ask that we create an atmosphere in which the young of the community get behind La Faya and that the older members of the community enable the transfer of the history and culture from the old to the young. I ask that the young are involved in the creation of an exemplary stand at the Immigration Museum.

And that refers to the great news that I can now announce. Our application to mount an exhibition in the Community Gallery at the Immigration Museum has been accepted! The proposed date for our exhibition is from Wednesday 1 st November 2006 until Sunday 11 th February 2007. Let us unite to use this as an opportunity to promote Mauritius and Rodrigues in all their glory to Australians. It’s a wonderful chance for us.

And now spread that good news around and let us all enjoy La Faya as never before. God Bless you all.

Richard Hammerton

Honorary Consul for the Republic of Mauritius in Victoria

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