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Cultural Historical Association of Rodriguans & Mauritians in Victoria Inc.

Your invitation to join us to organise & celebrate Australia Day 2016
@ the Balla Balla Centre in Cranbourne

Expression of Interest Form

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Message from President of CHARM
seeking expressions of interest for
Australia Day 2016 Event
Hello Community Friends

Hope you are all keeping well and busy with work, life and community activities and projects.
Once again thank you to those who responded and positively contributed to a fun and inclusive Australia Day Celebration in past years.

If you could not join us then due to other commitments another opportunity is now knocking at your door.

The Cultural Historical Association of Rodriguans and Mauritians in Victoria (CHARM), a Not for Profit community group based in the City of Casey will once again host the Australia Day event at Balla Balla Community Centre Cranbourne in 2016.

The Australia Day event is proudly supported by the City of Casey and will be one of five key events in the municipality.

CHARM is now seeking Expressions of Interest for your involvement and participation in an inclusive celebration for Australia Day 2016.

We would like to give individuals, groups and businesses within the City of Casey and/or South Eastern suburbs an opportunity to be involved in this inclusive Australia Day Celebration.

If you:
• perform (sing, dance, play an instrument), paint, draw, face paint, play family friendly games or have any other ideas about safe kids activities
• exhibit historical information about your origins
• promote your community group/social/cultural/sporting activities
• showcase/prepare traditional food
• can donate door prizes, samples or support this event in any other way
• can volunteer your time and talent

This initiative could be one of many that consolidates and strengthens the ties that link us together in our local community.

It is indeed a great opportunity for community members to work in collaboration to plan, organize and stage this inclusive community celebration.

The event will be a free event for the entire family and all members of the community.

Please help us:
• showcase our community’s strengths in many areas including the arts and culture and more
• share how we each contribute to multicultural Casey and celebrate together what is great about being Australian and/or living in Australia.
We look forward to your positive responses, please contact us by Monday 30 November 2015.

If you have any questions feel free to call or email us.

Take Care and Keep up the great work

Kind Regards,

Edwige Bignoux

President – CHARM Vic

Email: secretary@charm.org.au
Email: president@charm.org.au

Click here for flier